With “Complete” Plant Milk and 100-Percent Recycled Bottles, Califia Pushes Further Ahead of Dairy

With “Complete” Plant Milk and 100-Percent Recycled Bottles, Califia Pushes Further Ahead of Dairy

With its resource-intensive production and methane emissions problem, commercial dairy farming struggles to keep its massive carbon footprint in check. While industrial dairy farms look for solutions, the cows trapped in the industry are suffering from the damage that climate change has already done

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On the other hand, plant-based milk is already strides ahead of dairy when it comes to sustainability, given its much lower resource use and emissions. And some brands are doubling down on their effort to slash their environmental impact even further.

A leader in this space, Califia Farms recently made two steps in this direction, with a nutritionally complete milk that makes it an even more attractive option to former dairy drinkers and a shift to bottles made from recycled plastic. 

Nutritionally complete vegan milk

Campaigns led by Big Dairy lobby groups have probed the nutritional metrics of various vegan milks, and they do differ across brands. To shut down this critique around nutrition, Califia recently launched its Complete vegan milk, which is enriched with nine essential nutrients, including eight grams of protein and all nine essential amino acids, offering a healthier alternative with 50-percent less sugar than traditional dairy milk. 

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The vegan milk is crafted from a blend of pea, chickpea, and fava bean proteins, which delivers both creaminess and nutrition. “The launch of Califia Farms Complete is a standout addition to our product portfolio and signals a shift in the way we think about plant-based milks,” Suzanne Ginestro, Califia’s Chief Marketing Officer, said in a statement. 

“This product is not only irresistibly delicious and creamy, but it also delivers an undeniably impressive number of vitamins and minerals that rival that of dairy milk,” Ginestro. 

It competes head-on with dairy milk by offering equal or superior levels of essential nutrients, such as calcium, vitamins A, D, B12, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and riboflavin, addressing the nutritional hesitancy that some consumers feel towards plant-based beverages.

“The launch of Califia Farms Complete means that consumers now have even more yummy, nutritious ways to enjoy a plant-based diet without compromise,” Ginestro said. 

The new line is also available alongside dairy products in major retailers such as Target and Walmart, making it accessible to consumers seeking a nutritious and sustainable alternative to dairy. 

Califia’s more sustainable bottles

In an equally significant move, Califia announced the transition of all its bottles in the United States and Canada to 100-percent recycled plastic (rPET), marking a milestone in the company’s sustainability journey. 

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This move is projected to reduce Califia’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 19 percent and cut its energy usage by half. 

“This transition to 100 percent rPET represents a significant commitment to lessen Califia’s environmental footprint, representing a major step in reducing our reliance on virgin plastic and advancing the principles of a circular economy,” Ella Rosenbloom, Vice President of Sustainability at Califia Farms, tells VegNews. 

The challenges involved in sourcing and implementing rPET were tackled by a collaborative effort across various departments. Califia—which holds a design award for its iconic curvy bottles—also leaned on its deep relationships with suppliers to overcome market dynamics and supply assurance issues.

“Production of our unique bottle shapes throughout our network was one of the most time-consuming challenges, mostly due to how much of an early adopter we were to rPET,” Rosenbloom says. 

“The commitment of our leadership to sustainability was the main reason that we were successful transitioning to 100 percent rPET bottles,” she says. “We had no setbacks, only changes to our approach because we knew we were going to get there—and we did”

Even better vegan milk

Backed by celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto, Califia has been evolving its product line since its launch in 2010. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company now offers a wide range of plant milks, creamers, barista products, brewed-to-blend coffees, and heavy whipping cream.

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Califia has also recently expanded its portfolio with five additional items: Matcha Almond Latte, Organic Oat Barista Blend, Coconut Barista Blend, a limited-edition Chocolate Strawberry Almond Creamer, and Pure Black Sweetened Iced Coffee.

With these new products, the Complete vegan milk, and the adoption of rPET bottles, Califia is making a profound statement about the potential for businesses to drive positive change, demonstrating that a commitment to sustainability and nutrition can go hand in hand. 

“The transition to 100 percent rPet bottles is less about competing in the marketplace than doing our part to create a cleaner, healthier planet for everyone by helping to curb demand for new plastic and supporting the circular economy,” Rosenbloom says. 

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