Why Your Cutting Board Matters: Plastic-Free Boards for Chopping and Charcuterie

Why Your Cutting Board Matters: Plastic-Free Boards for Chopping and Charcuterie

A good quality cutting board can make a big difference to your cooking experience. Nobody wants a board that slides around, doesn’t last long, or marks easily. And when you’re preparing vegan meals, you need a board that can withstand all of that vegetable chopping. And let’s be honest: it helps if it looks great, too. When you’re hosting friends, it’s hard to beat a beautiful selection of vegan meat, cheese, and fruit presented on a pretty cutting board. To help you pick the best one for you, below we’ve chosen some of our favorite cutting boards on the market, from the best looking to the best budget to the easiest to store.

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Why invest in a good cutting board?

Cutting boards are useful for a few reasons. Of course, they provide countertop protection, but they’re also good for knives. Using a cutting board helps to prevent dulling and damage to your knife blades, as cutting directly on hard surfaces like countertops can quickly wear down the edge.

They’re also important for safety and hygiene reasons, of course. Using separate cutting boards for different types of food helps to prevent cross-contamination—especially if you or someone in your household uses them to prepare raw meat (which can harbor potentially harmful bacteria).


Cutting boards: wood or plastic?

Most of our cutting board picks below are made with wood, not plastic (although we have included one bioplastic option). And that’s for good reason. Firstly, plastic isn’t eco-friendly, as it doesn’t naturally biodegrade. But plastic also stains easily and can retain odors from the food you cut on it. It also tends to be tougher on knives and may wear down blades quicker than wood, which tends to be softer.

Wood is also more aesthetically pleasing, of course. All of our options below will look great in your kitchen, but it’s important to note they’re also durable, sturdy, long-lasting products. 

The 7 best cutting boards for chopping vegetables, charcuterie, and more

Read on for seven of our favorite cutting boards to add to your kitchen. Happy chopping!

VegNews.cuttingboard.sonderlosangelesSonder Los Angeles

1 The best looking: Sonder Los Angeles Wood Cutting Board

Price: $69.95
Material: Walnut, cherry, maple wood
Why we like it: It looks beautiful in your kitchen and will make the perfect vegan charcuterie board, but it’s also practical and versatile.
Standout features: Reversible, built-in well, sturdy, stain resistant
Find it here

VegNews.bamboochoppingboards.greenerchefGreener Chef

2 The best set: Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Boards

Price: $34.99
Material: Bamboo
Why we like it: With three different sizes, this set—made with responsibly sourced bamboo—is perfect for all of your chopping needs. It also looks pretty good, too.
Standout features: Easy to clean, three different sizes, long-lasting, durable
Find it here

VegNews.choppingveg.axiomcreationsAxiom Creations

3 The best plastic: Axiom Creations Eco-Conscious Chopping Boards

Price: $26.99
Material: Wheat straw fiber bioplastic
Why we like it: Made with wheat straw fiber bioplastic, this set is a great eco-friendly choice for your kitchen. It’s soft so it might scratch, but it’s still a pretty durable (and good-looking) choice.
Standout features: Plastic-free, compostable, anti-skid, sturdy
Find it here

VegNews.minichoppingboard.briteconceptsBrite Concepts

4 The best mini: Brite Concepts Mini Bamboo Cutting Board

Price: $6.99
Material: Bamboo
Why we like it: Great for chopping up a handful of veggies or fruits for a one-person meal, but it also doubles as a good mini snack board. Load it up with fruits and vegan cheeses for a night in for two.
Standout features: Easy to store, easy to clean, durable
Find it here


5 The best budget: Faberware 4-Piece Chopping Boards

Price: $12.99
Material: Bamboo
Why we like it: It’s great value for a four-piece bamboo set, but it doesn’t scrimp on quality. The boards are strong, long-lasting, and will suit all of your chopping and cutting needs.
Standout features: Low cost, sturdy, easy to clean, thick
Find it here


6 The best set with holder: Smirly Wood Cutting Boards

Price: $42.99
Material: Bamboo
Why we like it: Cutting board sets aren’t always easy to store, especially if you’re low on space., but this set—which is made with durable, stylish, and sustainable bamboo—conveniently comes with a holder.
Standout features: Looks great, easy to store, long-lasting
Find it here


7 The best with a handle: Karryoung Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Price: $15.95
Material: Wood
Why we like it: This is the perfect charcuterie board, which also works as a heavy-duty, thick-cut chopping board. The best part? You can show it off in your kitchen, as the handle makes it easy to hang.
Standout features: Easy to store, durable, multifunctional
Find it here

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