The Top 100 VegNews Recipes of All Time: From Mac and Cheese to Juicy Veggie Burgers

The Top 100 VegNews Recipes of All Time: From Mac and Cheese to Juicy Veggie Burgers

While the vegan-friendly restaurant scene is consistently growing (nearly 50 percent of eateries in the US now offer vegan options), sometimes, nothing beats a home-cooked meal.

Research suggests most Americans regularly cook at home. In fact, last year, a report from the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association noted that more than 80 percent of consumers cook more than half of their meals at home. So it makes sense that many of us are constantly scouring the internet for new and delicious-sounding recipe ideas. It’s a lot of time that, to be honest, would be better spent eating.

The top 100 VegNews recipes

To help reduce your search time and maximize your eating time, we’ve compiled this handy list of our top 100 recipes ever. It’s the best vegan food inspiration, mostly made with healthy whole food ingredients, all in one place. But if that’s not enough, you can find more where that came from on our extensive recipe collection on When it comes to delicious food inspiration, we’re nothing if not generous.

VegNews.PineappleUpsideDownCake.Feature2Clare Winfield

100 Vegan Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

This classic dessert is veganized and better than ever in this simple cake recipe topped with cloudlike, fluffy, dairy-free whipped cream.
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VegNews.BeefyVeganBeetBurger.TheNewNourishingThe New Nourishing

99 Beefy Vegan Beet Burgers

This plant-forward take on a hearty, beefy burger is made with black beans and beets. It grills up nicely and is best served with thick slices of tomato and avocado.
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VegNews.PumpkinCreamPenne.FeatureFrugal Vegan

98 Vegan Pumpkin Cream Penne

Warm paprika and sweet pumpkin purée blend to form a comforting and velvety sauce in this easy-to-make, seasonal take on a filling penne dinner from Frugal Vegan: Affordale, Easy & Delicious Vegan Cooking.
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97 Vegan Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

A vegan potluck isn’t a potluck without something sweet. These sumptuous, melt-in-your-mouth cupcakes with pure pumpkin, seasonal spices, and a surprise addition of a little vegan mayo combine for an extra-moist party delight.
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VegNews.ThaiCarrotSoupWithTamariRoastedAlmonds.2Oh She Glows

96 Vegan Thai Carrot Soup with Tamari-Roasted Almonds

Flavors of red curry, ginger, sweet potato, and cayenne dazzle in this luscious, ultra-flavorful soup from Angela Liddon’s cookbook Oh She Glows Every Day: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-Based Recipes.
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VegNews.CherryLatteEat the Rainbow

95 Dreamy Vegan Cherry Rose Vanilla Iced Latte

Tune into your feminine energy with these naturally sweet iced lattes from the Eat the Rainbow: Vegan Recipes Made with Love cookbook. Smooth vanilla, rosewater, and juicy cherries blended with adaptogenic maca (known to help balance hormones and increase libido) form to make one fragrant, sippable drink. Use your favorite non-dairy milk to make it your own.
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VegNews.TuscanBeanPastaSam Turnbull

94 Garlicky Vegan Tuscan Bean Pasta With Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Adding beans to pasta makes for an extra-satiating meal, so this recipe from Fast Easy Cheap Vegan is the perfect dish for meal-prepping since it can stretch for days worth of meals.
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93 Hearty Vegan Mushroom Bolognese With Fettuccine

This fiber- and nutrient-rich sauce from the PlantYou: 140+ Ridiculously Easy, Amazingly Delicious, Plant-Based, Oil-Free Recipes cookbook is perfect for pairing with any pasta dish. Serve with buttery garlic bread for the ultimate Italian-inspired quick weekday dinner.
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92 Vegan Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

This simple soup from Mostly Plant-Based uses squash and potatoes to achieve a silky, creamy texture, perfect for serving with crusty bread or a vegan grilled cheese.
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VegNews.CheesyWafflesAmy Lanza

91 Savory Vegan Cheesy Broccoli Waffles

Even those who are on the fence about broccoli are likely to love these waffles from the Nourishing Vegan Every Day cookbook thanks to the light-and-fluffy bite, melty vegan cheese, and a dollop of lemony yogurt.
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VegNews.KaleCaesar.AshleyMaddenAshley Madden

90 Vegan Tahini Caesar Salad With Smoked Chickpeas

Warmer weather has us craving light meals like this recipe from The Plant-Based Cookbook, which incorporates crunchy romaine and kale. Savory, smoky chickpeas stand in as a gluten-free crouton replacement.
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VegNews.PumpkinSagePastaAmy Angelo

89 Vegan Pumpkin Sage Pasta With Blackened Tempeh

Toss this fall-inspired pasta from the Katie’s Healing Kitchen cookbook with roasted Brussels sprouts glazed in the same marinade used for the tempeh for a perfectly satiating, vegetable-packed meal.
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VegNews.PersianLoveSara Kidd

88 Vegan Persian Pistachio-Rose Love Cake

The story behind this classic pistachio-rose confection tells of a Persian woman who wanted to make a prince fall in love with her, so she created a cake laced with a love spell, and thus, this delicate, mesmerizing bake was born. Get the veganized version in this recipe from The Vegan Cake Bible.
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VegNews.PeppermintBrownieCookiesVanessa Stump

87 Vegan Peppermint Chocolate Chunk Brownie Cookies

Each bite of these fudgy cookies is chewy and rich thanks to the molasses notes in the brown sugar and rich cocoa powder. They are, of course, best served with a tall glass of cold oat milk.
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VegNews.LayeredNoBakeCheesecakeKirsten Kaminski

86 Easy, Vegan 3-Step No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake

A good vegan cheesecake should be the centerpiece of any celebration. And now, thanks to this creamy no-bake version, it’s easy, too!
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85 Vegan Cinnamon Sugar Churros With Dark Chocolate Sauce

Crispy, golden, sugar-dusted churros from the One Green Planet cookbook are fried to perfection. Switch it up by dipping it in warm peanut butter, strawberry sauce, or vegan caramel sauce.
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VegNews.KeyLimePieBarsLauren Hartmann & Julie Grace

84 Easy Vegan Key Lime Pie Bars With a Graham Cracker Crust

This classic dessert typically involves egg yolks, but full-fat coconut milk steps in to lend luscious thickness to the filling of these bars from the Southern Vegan.
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VegNews.AlmondBiscuitsNadia Fragnito

83 Buttery Sweet Vegan Italian Almond Twist Biscuits

Known as intorchiate, these baked treats are traditionally vegan, with the inclusion of olive oil and white wine—two hallmark ingredients in Pugliese baking—that lend a wonderful flavor to the dough. These braided biscuits from A Vegan Summer in Southern Italy are the ideal coffee-dunking biscuits.
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Screenshot 2022-04-29 110415Micah Siva

82 Vegan Copycat Starbucks Chickpea Protein Bites

To complete the Starbucks experience, pair these protein-filled bites from Nosh with Micah blogger Micah Siva with guacamole, crudites, and roasted nuts for a ready-to-go lunch ensemble.
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81 Saucy Vegan Pad Thai With Crisp Pan-Fried Tofu

This sweet and savory Thai noodle dish from the Vegan Asian: A Cookbook has crunch from bean sprouts and peanuts and added heat from a generous sprinkling of red pepper flakes. Find vegan fish sauce at specialty vegan markets, or swap it for more soy sauce in this recipe.
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80 Easy Vegan Fakeout Queso

You’d never guess this cheese sauce from Dreena’s Kind Kitchen cookbook is made from potatoes, peppers, and carrots, making it a sneaky way to get in more vegetables. Top with your favorite salsa or fresh cilantro, and garnish with a squeeze of lime to step it up even further.
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79 Vegan Chocolate Eclairs With Coconut Whipped Cream

Classic French cuisine goes vegan with this decadent chocolate-covered, cream-stuffed éclair recipe from popular vegan chef and cheesemaker Miyoko Schinner.
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VegNews.TabboulehSarah Bond

78 Easy Vegan Bulgur Tabbouleh Salad

Parsley is always the star of the show when it comes to tabbouleh, and this simple recipe from Live Eat Learn blogger Sarah Bond gets it just right with a touch of cool mint and zesty lemon.
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VegNews.RoseBountyBarsMurielle Banackissa

77 Vegan Rose-Flavored Bounty Bars

Filled with shredded coconut and floral rosewater, these chocolate-dipped bars are a plant-based variation of the childhood classic.
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76 Vegan Banana, Almond Butter, and Cold-Brew Smoothie

A little cold brew, a little coconut water, and a scoop of almond butter are just a few of the star ingredients that make this plant-powered smoothie the perfect start to the day.
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75 Easy Vegan Tofu Egg Salad

This super-simple eggy salad comes together with less than nine ingredients and is primed for layering into deli-style sandwiches, scooping onto leafy green salads, or simply enjoying with crackers.
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