How to Make the Perfect French Toast, Without Eggs or Dairy

How to Make the Perfect French Toast, Without Eggs or Dairy

For a dreamy Sunday morning, you’ll need a cozy bed, a great book (or a good series to binge-watch), your go-to caffeinated beverage (we’re all about the oat lattes), and a tasty, indulgent vegan brunch. 

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While a stack of pancakes or tofu scramble and vegan bacon are both deliciously satisfying dishes, you simply can’t go wrong with a pile of French toast, fresh berries, and a generous dollop of cream or maple syrup.

Even better? You can easily make this breakfast classic without any animal products at all. Read on below to find out how. 

What is French toast?

A popular breakfast or brunch dish, American-style French toast is usually made by soaking slices of bread in eggs and milk, before frying them until they turn golden brown. The slices are then usually stacked and served with sweet ingredients, like maple syrup and fresh fruit, but they can also be served savory, with spinach and mushrooms, for example. In the UK (where it’s usually called eggy bread) and India, savory French toast is more popular than sweet.


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Variations of French toast have likely been around for centuries (a very similar dish was even quoted in a 4th-century Roman cookbook). But it was in the 1700s when it found the name “French toast.” According to Food Republic, a New York innkeeper named Joseph French wanted to label the dish as French’s toast, but a grammatical error meant it was misprinted as French toast. And the rest is history.

How to make French toast vegan

The recipe doesn’t sound very vegan-friendly (on account of the milk and eggs), but it’s surprisingly easy to make this brunch favorite with vegan ingredients. Vegan milk and egg replacements (like flaxseeds and bananas, for example) can be easily combined to create French toast that looks, cooks, and tastes just as delicious as the original version.

The best vegan French toast recipes

Want to try it for yourself? Check out some of the delicious vegan French toast recipes below.

VegNews.AppleBlackberryBriocheFrenchToastShanika Graham-White

1 Vegan Apple Blackberry Brioche French Toast

Elevate your Sunday brunch with this plant-based masterpiece. Made with fluffy golden brioche, vanilla, and cinnamon batter, it’s decadent, sweet, and delicious—plus, it looks impressive, too. For extra sweetness and flavor, layer with Granny Smith apples and top with fresh blackberries and maple syrup, before topping it all off with some fresh rosemary.
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VegNews.BananaFrenchToastIsa Chandra Moskowitz

2 Vegan Banana French Toast

Impress your weekend brunch guests with this tasty, satisfying plant-based twist on a classic, which features ripe bananas as the star ingredient. Serve warm, with a generous drizzle of maple syrup, and top with plenty of blueberries and (more) sliced bananas.
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VegNews.SundayMorningFrenchToast.RecipeFollow Your Heart

3 Easy Vegan Sunday Morning French Toast

Sunday mornings, when done right, should be slow, relaxed, and filled with plenty of coffee, and delicious food, like this vegan French toast recipe. It’s easy, quick, sweet, and delicious—especially when served with your favorite syrup and plenty of fresh fruit.
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VegNews.BakedFrenchToastSticksDustin Harder

4 Vegan Baked French Toast Sticks

Simple yet irresistible, these oven-baked sticks are crispy, cinnamony, indulgent, and the perfect balance of savory and sweet. If you don’t fancy fruit, they’ll also taste delicious with chocolate shavings and vegan whipped cream, too.
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5 Vegan Balsamic Strawberry French Toast

Those who enjoy a bit of tang will love this brunch recipe, which is the perfect mix of tangy and sweet flavors thanks to the balsamic strawberry compote. If you prefer, you can also swap out the brioche for sourdough or vegan challah instead.
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VegNews.FrenchToastCasseroleAlexandra Shytsman

6 Vegan Buttery Blueberry-Banana and Praline French Toast Casserole

For something a little different, try this decadent, indulgent, bubbling French toast casserole. This comforting recipe features a custard filling made from bananas and vegan milk, while fresh blueberries add a delicious touch of tartness.
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VegNews.veganfrenchtoast.ministryofcurryMinistry of Curry

7 Savory Masala Vegan French Toast 

Quick and easy, this savory, Indian masala French toast is spiced with turmeric, ginger, garlic, chilies, and onions. Enjoy it for breakfast, brunch, or dinner (depending on when the craving hits!), and make sure to serve it with plenty of ketchup and chutney.
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