Check Your Texts—Hot Deals on Vegan Food From This Company Come Weekly

Check Your Texts—Hot Deals on Vegan Food From This Company Come Weekly

It is no secret that consumers are increasingly looking for more sustainable choices. A new report by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) found that when given the option, 95 percent of consumers will choose the climate-friendly option. Moreover, 91 percent would opt for a product labeled “low carbon” over its counterparts, assuming all else is equal. 

This eagerness to choose sustainability is further evidenced by the willingness of 66 percent of respondents to pay more for products labeled “climate-friendly” and 57 percent for those marked “low carbon.”

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However, it’s not always clear which option is actually more sustainable, an issue that is further complicated by greenwashing claims. One that ALDF pointed out is beef labeled as “climate-friendly” or “low carbon,” despite these products being more environmentally damaging to produce than any other food product. Earlier this year, the state of New York sued Brazilian meat giant JBS for using types of claims on its products.

“Consumers are demanding a change in company practice to truly reduce greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions—but what they are getting is a marketing campaign that incentivizes them to pay more for the same environmentally destructive products,” Michael Swistara, ALDF Litigation Fellow, said in a statement. 

“The animal agriculture industry is taking advantage of the lack of regulation and ambiguity in these ‘climate-friendly’ claims and it’s consumers and the environment that are paying the price,” Swistara said. 

Earth Pass for sustainable vegan deals

In this landscape, a new platform called Earth Pass has emerged to create a unique space where consumers can connect with brands that align with their eco-conscious values. And instead of capitalizing on consumer willingness to pay more for climate-friendly products, Earth Pass aims to help them pay less. 

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Founded by Noah Hyams and Cara Scovazzo—industry veterans with a combined experience of more than 15 years in the plant-based consumer packaged goods space—the platform is designed to tackle the prevalent issues of awareness, affordability, and education that often hinder consumers from adopting sustainable practices.

“Every day, we have the opportunity to connect with incredible brands pushing their categories towards sustainability,” Hyams, who also founded the global business community Vegpreneur, tells VegNews. 

“People are excited and ready to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, but awareness, price, and education stand in the way,” Hyams says.

Earth Pass was born out of a desire to make discovering and purchasing eco-friendly products not just easy and affordable, but also educational and enjoyable.

“As the founder of Vegpreneur, I have the privilege of working with the founders and leaders of some of the most innovative and inspiring brands on a daily basis,” he says. “What truly astonishes me, however, is the realization of how many people remain unaware of these sustainable products.” 

“Earth Pass is an exciting opportunity to bridge the gap between people who are deeply passionate about the planet and the groundbreaking brands that are shaping a more sustainable future,” Hyams says. 

Making sustainability affordable

Earth Pass bridges this gap by working with only vegan brand partners who are conscious about their packaging and open to evolving toward even more sustainable practices. This selection process ensures that Earth Pass subscribers are introduced to products that not only meet their ethical standards but also contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

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Subscribers to Earth Pass receive weekly deals that offer significant savings on vegan products such plant-based jerky from All Ya’lls; dairy-free cheddar cheese crackers from Fair & Square; and fruit chews by Climate Candy. Outside of food, the platform also offers deals on beauty products, home goods, and companion animal products. 

The deals last only 25 hours and are tiered, with the first five to 10 customers enjoying discounts as steep as 75 percent, followed by tiers offering savings of 25 percent to 50 percent, and the rest receiving around 15 percent off. 

“Someone quick at opening their texts could save up to 75 percent off some of the hottest sustainable products around throughout the year,” Hyams says.

Building a greenwashing-free community

Beyond simply providing deals, Earth Pass is committed to building a community of like-minded individuals who are eager to support sustainable brands and share their experiences. 

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Currently, Earth Pass is in Beta, and looking to the future, Hyams has plans to expand its offerings and enhance the value it provides to its community. Subscribers can look forward to more frequent deals, additional opportunities for community engagement, events, and in-store sustainability incentives. 

“While the most sustainable thing we can do as a collective is to stop buying new things, there are products we all need, from food to skincare, and brands that are offering these items in an earth-minded way,” Hyams explains. 

In addition to helping its community discover and save on these products, Earth Pass strives to grow and support its members through education, and activism to create an ecosystem free of greenwashing that supports planetary health.

For its part, ALDF is also fighting greenwashing. In January 2024, using its report and other resources, the organization submitted comments to the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)—an arm of the USDA—to demand that “climate-friendly” claims are prohibited on beef products or, at the very least, that these claims are verified by an independent third party.  

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